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Sclater Epitaphs

Epitaph of Anthony, Christopher and William Sclater in leighton Buzzard Church


Hic juxta sub lapide coerulea depositae sunt Exuviae Antonii, Christophori et Wilhelmi Sclater. Antonius ex antiqua prosapia in Northumbria oriundus primo Mariae Reginae hujus ecclesiae tutelam suscepit primo Caroli Pmi deposuit simul et vitam ano aetat XCVI. Tres post se reliquit fihios. Wilhelmum Johannem et Christophorum. Wilhelmus S.T.B. Rector Eccles Pitmasterensis in agra Somerset Super Epistolam S. Pauli ad Thessalon tractatum edidit dere aureum in piorum manibus, magno eorum comodo hodie versatum. Johannes S.T.B. Coil Divi Johannis Cant. Socius Rector Eccles de Church Lawford in agro Warwicensi. Christophorus S.T.B. Coil. C.C. Oxon. Socius patris in hac Eccles Successor obiit Ano aetat LXIII. Filius ejus unicus Wilhelmus S.T.P. monumentum hoc in Paterni nominis memoriam propriis sumptibus Testamento legatis erigit curavit, qui in CCC Oxon bonis literis educatus Flagrante bello Civile regias partes secutus. In acie Regia Equitum Signifer, deinde Subpraefectus Rege decollato haeredi in exilio fidelis mandata Principis exsequendo captus et incarceratus coram pseudo judicibus sistere coactus ac devita periclitatus sed testibus proditoriis descripantibus in allegatis sanguinolentas evasit manus. Carolo Secundo reducit, sacris ordinibus initiatus ano MDCLXVI Rector Eccles S. Jacobi Clerkenwell London et post quinquennium Rector Eccles Clifton in hoc Comit. In utraque Eccles. munus pastorale fideliter obivit ad novissimum vitae Diem quam caducam et fragilem cum aeterna commutavit III Martii AD.MDCXC Aetat suae LXVIII.

This can be translated as follows:

Near this place, under a blue stone, are deposited the remains of Anthony, Christopher, and William Sclater. Anthony sprung from an old family in Northumberland, undertook the care of this church in the first year of Queen Mary. In the first year of Charles I he resigned it together with his life in the 96th year of his age. He left behind him 3 sons William, John, and Christopher.

William S.T.B., Rector of Pitmaster Church in Somerset, published a Commentary on the Epistle of St Paul to the Thessalonians, truly of great value in the hands of good men, and used much to their advantage to this day.

John, S.T.B. Fellow of St. John’s College, Cambridge, Rector of Church Lawford in Warwickshire.

Christopher S.T.B. Fellow of Corpus Christi College Oxford, successor to his father in this Church, died aged 63. His only son William, S.T.P. caused this monument to be placed to his father’s memory, at his own expense, as left in his will, and he when at Corpus Christi College Oxon, being educated in good learning, followed the King’s side during the terrible civil war, as standard bearer in the King’s horse and was afterwards made lieutenant. When the King was beheaded he, faithful to the heir in exile, and while obeying the orders of his Prince was taken prisoner and forced to appear before false judges; his life was in danger but, the traiterous witnesses disagreeing in things alleged against him, he escaped their bloodstained hands, and when Charles the Second was restored, he having entered holy orders became Rector of St James Church Clerkenwell London in 1666 and after 5 years Rector of Clifton in this county. In each church he discharged his pastoral office faithfully to the last day of his life, which frail and fleeting he exchanged for eternal life March 3rd 1690 in the 68th year of his age.

Epitaph of Francis Sclater formerly in the Church of St. James, Clerkenwell1


Franciscus Sclater, S.T.B. C.C.C., Oxon. olim socius, Eccles. Anglicanae Spes, academiae gloria, Eruditorum desiderium, Sanae doctrinae contra omnes regnantes errores, etiam inter iniquissima tempora propugnator acerrimus. Vir fuit ingenio acri et vivido judicio sagaci candore animi egregio. Quibus accessit eloquentia singularis atque doctrina omnibus numeris absoluta. Ideoque sive dissererit, sive concionaretur, ab illius ore non populus magis quam clerici et literati avide pendebant. Postquam per duos Annos apud St. Mariam Woolnoth in hac Civitate Verbi Divini Ministerio summa cum Laude fungeretur, Variolis correptus, obiit. Maii. 12. d. A.D.1685. aet. 35. Deflendus quidem multum, sed magis imitandus, Gulielmus SS. T.P. moestissimus Pater P.

This can be translated as follows:

Francis Sclater, Batchelor of Sacred Theology, formerly Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Hope of the Anglican Church, glory of the University, greatly missed by Scholars, a most keen champion of healthy doctrine against all prevailing errors even in most unfavourable times. He was a man of keen and lively wit, shrewd judgement and exceptional honesty of mind. Moreover he was of rare eloquence and of excellent all-round learning. And so while he was writing or speaking scholars and educated men hung on his lips as eagerly as the general public. Afterwards he served the Ministry of the Word of God at St. Mary’s Woolnoth in this City for two years with the highest praise, contracting Small-Pox he died on May 12, 1685, at the age of 35. Much to be mourned but more to be imitated.

William, Professor of Sacred Theology, his most sorrowful father, set this up.


  1. The Monument disappeared when the church was rebuilt in 1792, but the inscription is given in E. Hatton, New View of London (1708), Vol. I, p.286; T. K. Cromwell, History of Clerkenwell (1828), p.194; N. & Q., Vol. 5, p.518

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