Open University on iTunesU

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iTunes U at the Open University

Apple made available content from a few European universities for the first time on iTunes U this morning – including from the Open University. Our Vice Chancellor, Professor Brenda Gourley, said:

The iTunes U project is an exciting new opportunity for anyone, anywhere in the world to gain easy access to Open University courses. Our aim is to partner our established distance learning expertise with the power of the internet to provide as mobile, flexible and personalised learning experience as possible, whatever your current educational level, personal circumstances or technological abilities.

The OU achieved widespread recognition in the UK in the 70s and 80s for its TV broadcasts – everyone of my generation and older remembers OU lectures late at night on BBC2. Video cassette recorders made these unnecessary but now the Internet and podcasting make it possible to start broadcasting again in a much more flexible and useful way. There’s a lot of interesting content here – with 500 items from 50 courses due by the end of July.