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Notes from Utrecht Workshop on Ethics and Privacy Issues in the Application of Learning Analytics

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I’m back from yesterday’s excellent Workshop on Ethics & Privacy Issues in the Application of Learning Analytics  in Utrecht organised by LACE and SURF.  Hendrik Drachsler from the Open University of the Netherlands kicked off the session by presenting a background to learning analytics and some of the resulting ethical and privacy issues.  He mentioned the situation in […]

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Tribal Student Insight: An Interview with Chris Ballard

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When I blogged about learning analytics systems being developed by vendors of student information systems (SISs) I mentioned Tribal’s emerging system, Student Insight, which it’s been developing with the University of Wolverhampton. Tribal’s SITS:Vision product is used by over half of UK higher education institutions.  Meanwhile the company’s ebs4 SIS (or MIS as it’s known […]


Learning analytics using business intelligence systems

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In previous posts I’ve looked at the emerging tools for monitoring user engagement, and adding more sophisticated engagement metrics. I’ve also examined the learning analytics systems being offered by vendors of virtual learning environments (learning management systems) and student information systems.  VLEs and SISs are the places where most data about students and their learning […]

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Using your student information system as the basis for learning analytics

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While VLE vendors would like their systems to be at the heart of an institution’s learning analytics efforts, vendors of student information systems (SISs) are now attempting to place their products in the analytics driving seat.  The SIS (also known as the student record system) is a vital product for any educational institution. It includes data […]

Analytics systems centred around the VLE/LMS

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Vendors are rapidly developing products for analysing learners and their activities.  There’s a battle going on between the companies whose primary product is the VLE, those which sell student information systems (SISs) and those who have developed business intelligence systems for industry in general but are now targetting the education sector as a key market. […]

Engagement reporting tools for Blackboard and Moodle

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In my last post I described four types of learning analytics products.  Here I’ll go into more detail around some of the VLE-based engagement reporting tools. These products for Blackboard and Moodle sit within the virtual learning environment (VLE/LMS), look at its data only, and provide simple indications of a student’s progress, raising flags when […]

Learning analytics: what types of product are available?

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Every educational institution wants its learners to reach their full potential.  Learning analytics can help us to measure and predict student success using data relating to engagement, grades, retention, graduation and employability.  But what products are out there to enable institutions to improve on the indicators of success, and to help visualise and analyse the […]

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Code of practice “essential” for learning analytics

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We had a lively session on ethics and legal issues at the Jisc Effective Learning Analytics workshop last week, kicking it off by outlining some of the key questions in this area: Who should have access to data about students’ online activities? Are there any circumstances when collecting data about students is unacceptable/undesirable? Should students […]

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Taking Learning Analytics to the next stage

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How do higher and further education institutions in the UK best share their expertise in learning analytics?  Would a jointly developed code of practice for learning analytics help deal with the legal and ethical issues?  How can Jisc facilitate the development of tools and dashboards to help institutions develop their analytics capabilities to enhance student […]

Snooping professor or friendly don? The ethics of university learning analytics

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Universities have been recording data digitally about their students for decades. No one would seriously question the necessity of collecting facts for administrative purposes, such as a student’s name and address, module choices and exam results. But as teaching and learning increasingly migrate to the internet, huge amounts of data about individuals’ activities online are […]