Use of e-assessment nearly doubles at Open University

Interactive Computer Marked Assessment delivery at the OU

Year on year use of online assessment is nearly doubling here at the OU. In the last year around half a million quizzes were delivered to students in our virtual learning environment using a combination of the Moodle quiz engine and the University’s in-house OpenMark system.

Interactive Computer Marked Assessment delivery at the OU

The use of the e-assessement tools for summative purposes (affecting the final mark for a module) has risen to around 16% of all quizzes delivered.  Meanwhile a new question engine for Moodle has been pioneered by Tim Hunt and Phil Butcher and is scheduled for release this December.  Phil says “the new engine has a crispness and consistency that inspires confidence” and he’s pleased to “wave farewell to many of the inconsistencies of the old engine”.

Enhancements planned over the next year include:

  • Drag and drop of words onto images
  • Drag and drop of images onto images
  • New short answer question using pattern-matching algorithm
  • New question type using drop-down lists
  • New question type to enable placing of markers on an image
  • New numerical question type enabling use of mathematical and scientific notation
  • New question type to enable incorporation of Java applets (including automated marking of diagrams)
  • Audio recording question type
  • New authoring interface
  • Inclusion of STACK maths questions
  • Interface to Learnosity audio recording tool
  • Dragging implemented on touch screen devices e.g. iPad
  • Better import and export from question bank to facilitate off-line authoring