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Tutors give their verdict on new gradebook


Initial feedback on the new Moodle gradebook is promising. Tutors on the Open University course SDK125 “Introducing health sciences: a case study approach” reported:

Gradebook seems very useful, as I now get to view a list of all of my students results, without having to go into each of their StudentHome pages. It was also useful to see their cummulative results.

Overall, this is a useful tool. I imagine that I will only use it after each iCMA to check on overall scores and submissions. I liked the facility to compare my group’s average with the whole cohort.

Gradebook part 1

Gradebook part 2

We had some concerns about the speed but it seems that tutors are prepared to wait up to a minute or so for their groups’ averages to be worked out and displayed.

Hi, the gradebook loaded quickly and is useful.

Seems like the combined efforts of Phil Butcher at the OU and Moodle.com have paid off:

This is a great addition to the website and is going to be an extremely useful tool.