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Personality analysis from tweets

Example wordle

Wordle: @sclater's wordleTweetstats provides a great way of visualising statistics about people’s tweets – such as their frequency etc.  You can also see your most commonly used words and export them to a Wordle. Thus you can very quickly see what people like to tweet about the most.  Mine doesn’t reveal much except what appears to be  a fairly positive if bland collection of words such as good, yes, thanks, think and great.

Wordle: @psychemedia's wordleTony Hirst demonstrates a strong interest in data and google, and also appears to say “heh” rather a lot.  So you can also instantly pick up something about users’ use of language.

Wordle: @gconole's tweetsPeople like Gráinne Conole, use particular words so often that they completely dominate the wordle of their tweets.   In this case, I guess, Gráinne uses Cloudworks as a way of pointing people to other resources so  her tweets are not purely about the Cloudworks system itself!

Wordle: @geoshore's wordleIn the case of John Kirriemuir, he retweets a lot which certainly shows he’s monitoring others’ tweets and likes to share. Putting aside the retweets, he has no particular obsessions apart from, perhaps, libraries and Birmingham.

Endless possibilities for psychological profiling here.  So long as I don’t come out as positive but bland!