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MyOU: A seamless online experience for learners

Current OU systems are disparate

Accessing online content and services has become a vital part of the OU experience. The virtual learning environment has been carefully designed over the last seven years and has some excellent features such as a custom-built forum tool and quiz engine.  Meanwhile we have other systems such as StudentHome, Open Learn and Library Services, full of useful content and tools.  These websites have grown up organically, are owned by different parts of the organisation, have different user interfaces and are not as well integrated as they could be.  Navigating through them to find the information or tools you need, particularly if you’re new to the University, can be a confusing experience.

Current OU systems are disparate

A new initiative called MyOU aims to put this right and will optimise the online experience for our students. Currently in the requirements gathering stage, we are consulting heavily with our learners and with the various stakeholders across the University. MyOU will provide a new layer on top of  existing systems making the online experience much better for students.

Future vision for MyOU:  My OU online experience is seamless. If I’m at multiple stages of the journey at the same time it’s still seamless. I get what I need at the right time.What I see is adjusted according to my profile.Content is presented in different blocks on the screen.The OU gives me a default set of content. I have lots of control over what I see. I can make it look the way I want.I don’t need to know which part of the OU is providing the content.I can access the whole thing with a simple URL e.g.