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Can you ever switch off a module website?

At the moment the Open University’s policy is to remove module websites in our Moodle-based virtual learning environment for three years after the module presentation.  To have all the module content simply vanish after that period is becoming untenable.  For … Continue reading

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The Distributed Learning Environment Comes a Step Closer

Fed up being force-fed a whole lot of stuff of no great interest to you in your university’s virtual learning environment? Want to view only the parts of most relevance to your own learning – and blend them in with … Continue reading

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Can technology significantly impact learning before it has been commoditised?

I’ve just had some interesting conversations at an event for new OU module chairs at Cranfield University after presenting on some of the possibilities of elearning for our students. One academic wondered how he could be expected to design courses … Continue reading

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Personality analysis from tweets

Tweetstats provides a great way of visualising statistics about people’s tweets – such as their frequency etc.  You can also see your most commonly used words and export them to a Wordle. Thus you can very quickly see what people … Continue reading

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Laptop, Smartphone and iPad – do learners need all three?

People have been blogging about the ipad and its potential for education ever since the thing was announced.  I got my hands on one last night and here are my first impressions. I have a laptop and I have an … Continue reading

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5 Key Projects for the Learning Systems Roadmap at the Open University

I’ve recently been working with colleagues across the Open University, in particular Liz Burton-Pye, to define a roadmap for our future learning systems.  Moodle lies at the core of our online learning provision and its usage is growing rapidly with … Continue reading

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Higher Ambitions for elearning?

The UK government recently released a paper: Higher Ambitions: The future of universities in a knowledge economy. There’s a short section on digital learning hidden within this 115 page document on p78-79. Three points emerge clearly: University leaderships will have … Continue reading

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Why everyone will have an iphone within two years

I’ve been avoiding Apple devices since around 1996 when I decided that having both a Mac and a PC on my desk was getting ridiculous. While Macs were in many ways better than Windows-based machines they were clearly losing the … Continue reading

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Going Dutch

During the last couple of days I was at the Open University of the Netherlands where I had in-depth discussions with Kathleen Schlusmans, Henry Hermans, Steven Verjans and others, and discovered that they are struggling with almost exactly the same … Continue reading

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Ethics and cyberbullying

Valère Awouters (right) from Belgium recounted the sad story this morning in Katowice of a teacher who was videoed by a pupil with his camera phone while losing control of a class and breaking down in tears. The video was … Continue reading

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