The Howe brothers

How to choose your next MOOC

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As MOOCs began to proliferate it was clear that services would emerge which would make it easier to find those of interest to potential learners. MOOC providers are now making data about their courses available through RSS feeds and APIs so it’s possible to harvest those and develop tools to allow people to find and review […]

Dave Middleton

Can mass sychronous events work with MOOCs?

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MOOCs tend to involve consuming online content, taking automated assessments and peer networking. While students may feel some connection to the academics who create the courses by watching recorded videos of them, the opportunities for synchronous connection with subject experts are limited. Dave Middleton is a tutor manager with the Open University and has been […]

Two paradoxes at the heart of MOOCs

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My thinking on MOOCs has been consolidated after doing a fair bit of reading, chatting and thinking recently.  Much has been written on the disruptive potential of MOOCs and also about the problems associated with them such as lack of quality, plagiarism and lack of tutor support.   I have no desire to add to the […]