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Are ebooks better than virtual learning environments?

Ok I’m not exactly comparing like with like here but I am very interested in the potential of ebooks as an alternative way of structuring learning experiences – particularly where there is a large amount of reading involved. With the … Continue reading

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Annotation – the missing element in iPad-based learning

I’ve been getting a bit obsessed recently about the importance of annotation functionality, as a number of my long-suffering colleagues will testify.  Here’s my logic: iPads and other ebook readers will increasingly replace paper Some learners, particularly children, will make … Continue reading

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Can open educational resources continue during the global slump?

OpenLearn’s external funding has all but dried up, but the Open University sees enough value in the initiative to keep it going. With funding from the Hewlett Foundation the initiative was able to convert 5,400 hours of current course materials … Continue reading

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Viewing maths online

Being able to teach and learn maths, science, engineering and even social science over the internet has been hampered by the difficulty of inputting and displaying mathematical notation. Things are set to improve though due to enhancements in our latest … Continue reading

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Making content interactive

I’ve seen elearning projects fail many times over the years because they attempted to take static text designed for print, perhaps with a few graphics, put it on the web and expect students to engage in endless page-turning which they … Continue reading

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The Assault on Print

The Independent has an article entitled Something Wiki This Way Comes today about the increasing use of the Internet in higher education. I’m quoted as saying that “one of the most amazing technologies ever invented is reading from paper…It’s a … Continue reading

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