Blackboard to integrate with Moodle?

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Unless I’m missing something it’s not obvious from Blackboard’s website what their future development roadmap is but a recent posting to the Blackboard Midlands User Group, pointed out by A.J.Cann shows some of the things that are being talked about for the v9.0 release due in January 2009. What can users of other VLEs/LMSs learn […]

Moodle meets SAKAI

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I’ve just been at a workshop organised by Joel Greenberg exploring the potential of bringing Moodle and SAKAI together. There were representatives from Cambridge, Nottingham and Michigan Universities, plus the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and the OU. Chuck Severance, former brains behind SAKAI, kicked off with a fascinating talk about his current thinking on personal […]

Runaway objects and elearning

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I’ve just been attending sessions by Etienne Wenger and Yrjö Engeström organised by the Practice-based Professional Learning CETL at the Open University. One quote I particularly liked from Wenger, the communities of practice guru was: Communities of practice can be terrible things. It takes a community of practice to put a witch on a pyre. […]

Downside of the small pieces model

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Another attempt to inject some reality into the VLEs v Small Pieces debate after expressing my reservations about the latter in The VLE is Dead. Long Live the VLE. This message was on the slideshare site half an hour ago. Now afficionados of small pieces will argue that services are improving all the time and […]

The e-framework and monolithic VLEs/LMSs

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The prevailing wisdom from techie types you meet at elearning conferences and in the blogosphere seems to be that VLEs as large applications are unsustainable and that the future is a range of components built by different companies or projects which interact with each other over the Internet (or intranet) via web services as a […]

The VLE is dead. Long live the VLE.

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Martin Weller blogs today that the VLE/LMS is dead. He states some of the pros and cons of VLEs but he feels ultimately that there will be a shift away from VLEs to “loosely coupled, freely available third party systems”. The model Martin describes of “loosely coupled teaching” was tried by Canadian schoolteacher Clarence Fisher […]

OUNL Entrance

VLEs and the institutional control of students

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Perhaps the most fundamental difference between the educational models of the UK’s Open University and the one in the Netherlands is that OUNL students can start and complete their courses at any time and are not in a defined cohort of students. This makes most VLEs unsuitable as their architecture tends to be organised around […]

Reinventing the wheel?

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One of the questions which crops up regularly at the OU is why we’re enhancing tools such as blogs and wikis within Moodle when there are better ones out there on the Internet which we could give access to instead. Why don’t we just provide WordPress and MediaWiki which have a lot more features than […]