Relive 08

What is a virtual world anyway?

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Is an online gaming environment a virtual world? Can a virtual world be purely text-based? One of the best presentations at last week’s #relive08 conference was by Sarah “Intellagirl” Robbins who spent half an hour with us distilling two years of her research in classifying virtual worlds. She has identified four main criteria: Persistence: a […]

Anna Peachey's head

A policy for virtual worlds?

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This is the sort of thing which would have some of the free spirits who thrive in the relatively anarchic and regulation-free virtual worlds emerging on the Internet up in arms. However as our institution puts more of its learning activities into environments such as Second Life there are many policy issues emerging to which […]


Oil price boosts SecondLife

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America is obsessed about the price of oil which has hit $4 per gallon (about $1 per litre or £0.50). With a society and economy built on cheap fuel which until recently cost $30 a barrel, is now $139, and is predicted today to rise to $250 next year due to speculators and growing Asian […]