59% of UK colleges now using Moodle


Rob Englebright reports recently on the JISCmail VLE List about an unoffical wiki-based survey of VLE usage in UK colleges. Of 156 colleges it’s now Moodle 59%, Blackboard 28%. The detailed breakdown is:

Moodle 93 including 4 using moodle in combination with Sharepoint (and in one instance Moodle, Sharepoint and Pebblepad)
Blackboard 43 including 2 using in combination with Sharepoint, and with the caveat that one is planning to move to moodle
Sharepoint 4, as a stand alone, plus those using Sharepoint as part of Microsoft learning gateway 2
IT Campus 3
In-house 3
WebCT 3
Fronter 2
Learnwise 2
Tecknical now Serco 1
North Tyneside VLE 1
weblearn 1

What’s more interesting of course is to what extent the VLEs are actually being used. In the same thread, Richard Everett discusses how using students to teach their lecturers at Oaklands College how to make best use of their VLEs has been successful. A quick googling of Richard throws up an interesting BBC news item about this initiative.